If you need a new garbage disposal or just an installation we are the company for  you.  A garbage disposal is an important part of every persons home.  If you don’t already have a one then we recommend you consider getting one to help make your cleanup easier after cooking.  These things take your food and other types of food waste and and pulverize it up so that you can wash it down the drain easily.  Tired of having your drains getting clogged up with waste from your dishes?  Well these products can help you out with that problem.

If your disposal clogs regularly or doesn’t work properly then your plumbing system could have a major problem. If large chunks of waste are going down your drain it can get clogged easily.  This can be a huge problem if it clogs and you can’t use the sink, or if it clogs and causes a flood in your home.  Here at Dallas Plumbers we know how important it is to have every part of your plumbing system serviced and working properly.  If there are any issues with your garbage disposal then you should give us a call today to get it taken care of.

Garbage Disposal Installation

If you just want a new garbage disposal unit then we will gladly help you out. We offer a lot of different options and have very competitive prices.  We are honest and only recommend the ideal products for your individual needs.

Garbage Disposal Unit


Garbage disposals are used quite a lot. Therefore they can burn out quickly.  The life-span of these units is usually 4 years or less and some lower quality brands last even less than this.  There are number of reasons that they break or cause issues and we are pros at getting them all fixed for you.  Often times the problem is because the disposal is not getting enough electricity and it isn’t able to grind up the waste.  We always make sure that all of the power is optimal so your disposal doesn’t get clogged.  We also makes sure the blades are sharpened and properly set up.  To finish off the job we always clean out the drain if needed to ensure it won’t clog anytime soon.